The Monotony of Living

My Daily Routine (Well Sort of.. it's summer. No Routines Established)
Wake up
Contemplate working out
Justify that it's too early
Finally wake up two hours later
Eat breakfast
Shower if I'm feeling wild
Read a book
Go to work
Come home
Read some more
Go to bed

Does your life look anything like mine does? 
Do I hear the word monotonous somewhere in this often dull schedule of mine? Uh... yeah. 

As I've been contemplating the various questions of life in between my showering and "reading book time," I've been thinking about how monotonous life can really be. I mean think about it... every day there is dish-washing to be done, laundry to be folded, beds to be made, etc. But how often during these tasks do we really take time to just enjoy them? I know whenever I'm doing the dishes my first thought isn't "Yes, dishes!! My favorite!" Or "Oh my gosh! Look at those bubbles. How exciting." 

But if life has taught me anything it's all about the little things. (The Little Things by Carlos Bertonatti)
The little things like  putting on deliciously fresh smelling clothes after a long session with the washing machine. Or looking through letter after letter from credit card companies wanting me to join to find a letter from a friend in France. Its' all about the little things. And as I've been contemplating monotony I've learned that I LIVE for the little things. 
Those little tender mercies that make life worth living. 

I challenge you this week as you go about your various monotonous activities to find the little things! Find a cool looking bubble in those suds atop piles of dishes. Find that book that rocks your world. 

Although the Lord knew life would be tough, He left a LOT of things for us to smile about. Find them.