How Social Media Started to Ruin My Life...

The One Where I Give You, My Dear Readers, Some Food for Thought...

It's two in the afternoon and I've just gotten home from a long day at school. I've got about an hour to kill until I have to leave for work so I heat up something in the microwave and pull out the ol' laptop. Without even taking a second to think, I click on the Internet browser and start typing... f-a-c-e... my laptop recognizes where I'm going with this: Facebook. Before I know it, I am mindlessly scrolling through pictures of people I haven't seen in years doing things that I honestly don't care about.

If you're like me, this whole social media thing has taken a huge part of your daily life. Think about... what's the first thing you do when you're, let's say, waiting at the DMV for something? You pull out your phone. You check your Snapchat, you check your Instagram, maybe even a little Twitter action.. and frankly, it's exhausting.

Not only are you checking these apps incessantly but you're also expected to be posting everything about your life on them: the food you eat, the boys you date, the family you love, it's almost social suicide to simply not post!

Now we're back to my mindless scrolling but this time it's on Instagram. My Instagram feed shows my married friends cooking dinner for each other and being all in love, then I feel worthless and the negative thoughts of comparison start to haunt me. What a waste of my time and energy! There must be a solution.

My suggestion to you is this: what if we all stopped caring so much about who is dating whom and who is breaking up with whom and instead started focusing on what we're doing to be better people and serve those around us?

You're all my friends so I'm going to admit something rather embarrassing. I can't even come up with an accurate conjecture about how much time I spend on social media every day. This is pathetic but I don't even want to own up to how much time I spend every day comparing my life to every one of my Facebook and Instagram friends. To me, it's just not worth it anymore.

So from now on, I'm keeping my life to myself. If you want to know what's going on with me, who I'm dating or not dating, what I'm eating, feel free to contact me the old fashion way and put that phone of yours to good use. I'm convinced that the happiest we can be is when we are more focused on those around us in a service oriented mindset instead of what fun things we can do to make for a great Instagram post.

And that's my food for thought for you on this lovely winter day. Hope your holiday is going well and that this post wasn't too much honesty on one page.