Because of Him...

When I try to even comprehend a relationship I have on earth as special or profound as that of mine with the Savior, my head starts to spin. I reflect on past dating relationships I have had in which very few continued after a large mistake or conflict was left unresolved. I reflect on friendships where even though we may trust each other, there are still some things we may hold back from one another.

Then I think of my relationship with the Savior. I think of the conflicts I've created and the mistakes He is well aware that I have made. I think of the heartache I have caused Him over the course of my life. Not only have I let Him down, but He also knows that I will continue to let Him down throughout my life. Not only have I broken promises to Him but He knows that I have many more promises yet to break.

It is hard for me to even fathom a relationship like ours in which the other person (me) has made all of the mistakes yet the other in the relationship (Jesus Christ) through perfect love is still willing to care for me and die for me. Frankly, it makes no sense for Jesus Christ to love me so much. Yet His love for me is unwavering. It is there whether I feel deserving of it or not. It is there when I feel like no one else could ever love me. And it's not there because I am some awesome human or because I was just really fabulous in the pre-earth life, it is simply there. (See Elder Holland's "Like a Broken Vessel")

I am sure many of you have seen mormon.org's video, "Because of Him." As I was watching this video I reflected on what things I know because of Him. Because of Him:
-- I have the opportunity to change and be better.
-- I get to be with my family forever.
-- Even in my failed human state, I will still one day get to live with my Heavenly Father again.

The list could go on and on. But ultimately, and for the sake of this blog, because of Him, I have learned that I am worth more than what Satan would have me believe. Because of Him, I have come to the understanding that I am of infinite worth and that each of us is of infinite worth to Him and our loving Heavenly Father. Because of Him, I get to wake up every day knowing that depression will never be able to define me. Because of Him, I know that someone will always understand the emotional hurt I have felt.

May we take the opportunity today to celebrate His glorious life and resurrection. And if you haven't yet watched this video, I highly recommend it!

This is my absolute favorite picture of the Savior. Thought it should be included.