Nobody's Perfect; I Gotta Work It

I look at all these kids at BYU who are working 20+ hours a week, taking 16 credit hours, getting impressive grades all while making their apartment look spotless and being the relief society president.

Then I look at my life- I'm taking 11.5 credits so I don't have to be full time (cheating the system slightly) while working maybe 12 hours a week if I'm lucky. I hate studying and rarely do so. I also hate going to class and get relatively mediocre grades at best.

Lately I have been wallowing and complaining about how I feel completely inadequate to be surrounded by these people. I'm not perfect by any means and I do not fit the typical "goody-good BYU student" mold. I realize that these people have flaws that may be hard for others to recognize, but from what I see on the surface, I am way behind my fellow students on multiple levels.

But as I've been sitting here, wallowing, I've realized that I have so much more to offer than what I give myself credit for. So yeah I'm not a straight A student, but I make the best chocolate chip cookies you'll ever put in your mouth. I'm not a complete genius, but I can fake it and I rock at that.

We all have our thing! Can I compare my cookie-making abilities to my roommate's incredible academic success? No. Is one better than the other? Well yeah... cookie-making. Just kidding.

I am grateful that we all have our strengths. And next time you're comparing your life to Miss Susie Perfectionist you just remember how great you are and the things you've got that no one else can do quite as well as you.

As my great friend Hannah Montana once said, "Nobody's perfect." and I might add, "so stop trying to be."

Peace and Blessin's my lovely readers