Suicide Prevention Week

On the outside, many people may see me as just your typical Mormon. I come from a big family, I have more cousins than I could count on all my fingers and toes, I go to a church school, and I do church things more often than I don't.

But I bet the people that only see me in that particular light would never believe that I used to contemplate ending my life on a regular basis.

As you may know, this week is Suicide Prevention Week.
My heart aches for the many people who have fallen victim to this terrible emotional defeat.

Thankfully, there is hope! There is a light. And I figured the best way to celebrate the prevention of such a terrible thing is to give you a quick list, 5 things you can do to convince yourself that life is worth living or to convince someone else that their life is valuable.

1. Never forget the impact one person can make. You may not even realize how much your actions can affect people you don't even know, but they will and they do.

2. You are loved. Despite what you may feel, there will always be someone who loves you- a roommate, a teacher, a parent, a sibling.

3. Find an outlet. If you are feeling miserable or discouraged, I encourage you to find a way to get those feelings out- paint something, do some yoga, just find something to do so those feelings don't bottle up and become something much worse than what you're currently experiencing.

4. Keep yourself surrounded by people. Even if you feel like you just can't do it- get up, show up, and be present wherever you are.

5. Lastly, Look to God and live.

Remember: A person like you is too miraculous to replace. #suicidepreventionweek