The Problem with Being Human...

I am a human. A mistake-making, accident prone human. I have flaws, lots and lots of them.
I often suffer from short-term memory loss. I rarely drive the speed limit.
And I have yet to go a day without being embarrassingly late to an event.

I was reading an article the other day about a woman who was constantly running late. As she walked her kids in to school every day to write yet another tardy excusal, she anxiously scrambled to come up with some kind of reason for their tardiness.
Finally one day she decided that it was time to stop making excuses; she was late and that's just how it was. That day her kids' excusal note was much different than the others. On it she wrote, "Well, in the Smith family, we tend to always run a little behind. We are humans and let's be honest, we're all a little tired."

I LOVED this story. It showed me that it's okay to have shortcomings and flaws- we all have them whether we admit it openly or not. But we all have the choice to put Christ's atonement into practice as we seek forgiveness and try our best to do better.

The other day I was thinking about the many flaws I possess and wondering how on earth I will ever find someone who loves me enough to see past those things. Then I realized that there is already someone who knows everything about me, and still loves me- in fact He loves me so much that He atoned for all of my sins. And that person is our Savior: Jesus Christ. I love Him with all of my heart, and I know that through Him these flaws and weaknesses that we all possess can be made into great strengths.

This video perfectly demonstrates my feelings on the subject of being human. Although it is simplistic, its concepts are filled with depth.

I encourage you to find a flaw and take it to the Lord. Ask for His help and I know He will make up for things in which you may lack. If you fail again, keep trying and don't ever give up.



Cookies are Good for the Soul

And then the professor says, "Friends are an essential part of life. We all need truly genuine friends who we can spend time with and share our concerns with..."

Well boy, I think, I better get me some of those friends he's talking about. I walk home and feel this huge burden as these thoughts start coming to me, "Han, you have no friends and you've accomplished nothing. You can't go to this school. It's too hard. Time to quit. Move on to something else."

Wait what?! I've accomplished nothing? Then it hits me, Satan has popped in for a visit. 

At this point I have two potential plans of action: 

A. I can say, "Ya know what, you're right Satan. I don't have any friends and I'm so lonely. My life sucks," and simply feed off of my own misery 


B. I can say, "I am a little lonely today. Hm.. who should I call? Who needs some help today?" 

I know what you're thinking, obviously I should pick the latter. But since when do I ever make the right decision the first time? My thoughts spiral incessantly downward as I think of friends of mine who haven't contacted me that should have, boys that I think should be asking me out but are mysteriously mysterious, the list goes on and on...
THEN finally I resort to the one thing that never fails in these situations: I make cookies and eat them all. 

After wallowing in my misery for much longer than I should have whilst also eating a pound of freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, I finally come to my senses. Now I'm thinking, Being lonely is the worst. So what am I going to do about it? How am I going to fix this? After some lds.org searching I realize my problem: I was focused so much on how lonely I was that I was actually making myself even more lonely. 

So I buck up. I realize that it's up to me to not feel this way. I start doing dishes for my roommates, even though I'm not exactly thrilled about it. I start thinking of a great service project I want to be invested in, I start reading the scriptures and all of the sudden, I'm not so lonely anymore. I do have friends and family who love me! And my life is pretty good! 

This my friends is what I like to call a typical Han's QLC- Quarter Life Crisis. We all have these crises every once and a while where life just seems too much to handle. Whether it's because you just broke up with someone you thought you loved, you bombed a test you studied really hard for, whatever the case may be, we all have these QLCs. And you know who LOVES these? Satan. Satan loves when he can catch us in the middle of our misery because that's when he can start attacking us most- at our lowest point. 


You are better than Satan! And you've got so much to live for. Don't let him convince you that you're worthless, lonely and you should just quit. Can you imagine the satisfaction you could potentially give Satan if you just give up altogether? Don't do it! If anything for the sake of winning against the worst enemy we've ever had. 

And if the loneliness you feel is still too much to handle, reach out to someone. Someone like me who really needed a friendly phone call today and got one. Someone out there like me needs a someone like you! You are important. Don't let yourself be a waste of space simply because Satan is making you feel that way. Teach him a lesson and go serve- tell your kids you love them, give your roommates a hug, pick up the husband's socks for the eightieth time, just do something! (And if your mind is still completely blank on what service to do, bring me cookies dang it! Just kidding.. really that would only be a disservice to my poor sugar-infested body. But I'm sure there is someone you know who could use some cookies! Think, think, think!)

Here's to wishing you a fabulous week of finding tiny little service opportunities. 


P.S. Thanks to a lovely best friend of mine for inspiring this post, you know who you are. ;)

P.P.S. Please don't tell my roommates I ate cookies. I swore I would be off of them. Do you think they'll smell them when they get home? I'm out of excuses. New life motto: When in doubt, eat the cookie.